The Huntsville Times-go June 2, 2005
TunaHelpers:Indie pop group a
strange mix of puppets, signs

The TunaHelpers are weird. This all-female band from Austin, Texas, specializes in psychedelic indie pop. But the music is hardly the extent of their eccentricity. A handful of songs in their live show are "sung" by puppets. Then there's the sign language. But let's get back to the band. Sisters Adrienne and Bethany Sneed formed The TunaHelpers in 2000. They eventually added drummer, Khattie Quinones to the fold. The group's sophmore release, "I'll Have What She's Having" is a collection of lilting dream songs. Adrienne Sneed's songwriting and vocals create something akin to nursery rhymes on acid. The record's ambient sound includes touches of vibraphone and bells courtesy of keyboardist Bethany Sneed. "I don't think there is single place in Austin-be it a grocery store or whatever-that hasn't had live music at least once," Bethany Sneed says with a laugh. She finds her lifelong home an inspiring muse. However, standing out in the "Live Music Capital of the World" can be a difficult task. "The crowds in Austin are unlike anywhere else. People go out with a purpose. Basically, they go out to find the next hot band," she said. A puppeteer travels with the group, possibly one of the oddest gigs in rock. Four different puppets perform songs during The TunaHelpers' set( Adrienne Sneed sings these tunes hidden from the crowd). The result is Ziggy Stardust via "The Muppet Show". "A band within the band," Sneed giggles. In addition to her vocal and keyboard duties, Bethany also signs some of the show in American Sign Language. This idea was suggested by Adrienne; she loved the graceful movements Bethany made signing Tori Amos songs at home. -Matt Wake