Bitch Magazine The Tuna Helpers I’ll Have What She’s Having (Web of Mimicry)
"Though Adrienne may race around stage, kicking and screaming, her piercing eyes bulging out of her head as she releases a glorious yowl, you’d somehow feel at ease leaving her with your children." (more)

Venus Online, December 2005
The Austin trio lets loose on sisters, ex-girlfriends, and 'fuzzies' (more)

PunkPlanet, October 2005 p.146 Review
“The album plays like the soundtrack to a twisted musical about children being introduced to the evils of the world.” (more)

Exclaim!-June 2005 (Toronto)
" Two sisters and one "long lost" one serve up something neat right here. Two things that are hard to pull off are drama and the combination of a ton of instruments(guitar, harpsicords, clavinets, choirs and more) in a not-overdone way..." (more) Album Review
“This year's Wiccan prom shall have a good soundtrack,
indeed.” (more)

Las Vegas Weekly January 2006
"never have I seen a group mash so many performance/artsy ideas into one set..." (more)

The Daily Texan March 2006
"more than any live act I've seen, The TunaHelpers involved the audience in the performance." (more)

CD Services in the UK March 2006
"With more delights beyond and before, there's not a single thing on here that's less than riveting listening..." —Andy Garibaldi (more)

Tuscon Weekly January 2006
"You could almost tell the stories of these songs from her facial expressions alone...." (more)

Rick’s Café , October '05 ( Madison, WI)
“A sense of honest enthusiasm permeates their music, with literary lyricism and unique instrumentation punctuating the psychedelic dreamscapes.” (more)

Advice Titan October'05 (University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh)Show Review
“The instrumentations ranged from dark and atmospheric tales, to airy and beautiful ballad like songs, to a highly upbeat post punk sound.” (more)

Music Muse Man: The TunaHelpers "I'll Have What She's Having" 2005
" At once mythical and yet accessible, a rupture is formulated that bridges soulful expression and easy mass appeal" (more)

Daily Nebraskan, October '05  Interview
“My grandma is a famous Bible school teacher, and I worked with her growing up…” (more)

AltMusic (Wichita, KS) Interview
“If you're reminded at times when watching the Helpers of the grand illusion of Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, David Bowie or Laurie Anderson, it's no mistake.” (more)

Collected Sounds: A Guide to Women in Music I'll Have What She's Having
" impressed I'm at loss for words..." (more)

Earlash The TunaHelpers: I’ll Have What She’s Having
“Both the music and lyrics on I'll Have What She's Having flirt with the idea of childhood without forgetting the bogeyman in the closet.” (more)

Taste Like Chicken The TunaHelpers: I'll Have What She's Having
"They would be the perfect house band for Hogwarts." (more)

Valley Planet (Huntsville, AL)
"If I had to come up with a reasonably accurate description for The TunaHelpers, it would have to be "Princess Punk." " (more)

Star City Scene The TunaHelpers- Duffy's Tavern 6/25/05
..." two-headed babies, pale-faced babies in rabbit costumes and renaissance-garbed maidens, they were easily reminiscent of Mr. Roger's Land of Make Believe"... (more)

Splendid Magazine The TunaHelpers: "I'll Have What She's Having"
"Weak-minded musical patrons beware: it only takes a few notes to fall under the Helpers' hex." (more)

KNOX New Tuna Helpers serve unparalleled dishes
"...go deep into a lo-fi world of twisted dreams, weaving gothic tales of toys gone wild and kittens and children in peril." (more)

Blog T.O. NXNE Review:Part 1
" a disney movie backed by the Trans Siberian Orchestra." (more)

Nashville Scene The TunaHelpers
"...they recognize that storybooks hinge on nightmarish fears and human yearnings-something that comes through most keenly in the ache of Adrienne the Anemone's vocals." (more)

The Huntsville Times-GO! Indie pop group a starnge mix of puppets, signs
"Adrienne Sneed's songwriting and vocals create something akin to nursery rhymes on acid." (more)

Nuvo Tuna Helpers: avant-girl power
"...they take that goulash of influences and turn them into a mini-masterpiece that’s equal parts experimental and theatrical." (more)

Everyoneisdoomed THE TUNAHELPERS: the everyoneisdoomed interview.
"If you've ever wonder what Julie Andrews would sound like if you spun her records backwards under the influence of psychedelic drugs, look no further than The Tunahelpers. " (more)

Girlstown Productions FracturedFairytales from the Sea (Interview) "Adrienne’s stunning voice soars above lush, sparkling melodies and jagged guitar, sometimes from the center of the stage, her wild eyes shifting around the audience, or hidden behind a two-headed puppet..." (more)

Maximum Ink Music Magazine The TunaHelpers "I'll Have What She's Having"
"The all-female trio unearthly fancies hopscotch with an Alice through the Looking Glass aura overflowing with diverting, high-diving dervishes." (more)

Whoopsy Magazine The Tuna Helpers at Trophys Sat. May 14th, 2005
"...Tuna Helpers simultaneously conjure the finer points of Pee Wee's Playhouse, a healthy dose of avant guard cabaret, and liberal dashes of Josie and the Pussycats." (more)

Westword "operatic, piano-anchored spells of art rock that imagine Azure Ray taking up residence in a Neil Gaiman graphic novel: all mystery, melody and magic." (more)

Phoenix New Times "the show promises to be a multilingual, bipolar experience."

Independent Weekly "These gals are loco." (more)

Flagpole "...when it comes to The TunaHelpers, I'm sold." (more)

Sleazegrinder The TunaHelpers: "I'll Have What She's Having"
"Hearing those voices, and that music, as your young life ebbed away into an ornate glass jar, well, it might be a little frightening, but also more than a little soothing, no?" (more)

The Austin Chronicle Cooked Tunas?
"the long arm of corporate America has reached out to slap another Austin band with potential litigation." (more)

The Austin Chronicle The TunaHelpers Starring in the Suspicious Fish
"...the Tuna Helpers celebrate social deviance in a manner that's both hilarious and bass-ackwardly intelligent." (more)

The Austin Chronicle Phases and Stages
"...Independence's most twisted revelation is the Tuna Helpers' fairy tale gone shithouse..." (more)



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